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Best Berlin Food to Check Out

To celebrate my one-year anniversary of living in Berlin I want to write this post on some of the best food I’ve eaten in Berlin. I am so great to be able to live and work in this amazing city. I have only been here for one year, I have so much to learn and experience. Berlin is such a beautiful city, you have to appreciate it for what it is, with so much history and diversity you can find a place for yourself anywhere. Here you are able to be free, free to be who you are and no one will question it. I am having a lot of fun exploring and experiencing Berlin.

From someone who does not come from Europe, I think the way I see things here is different. I didn’t grow up with buildings like these, with public transportation like this, or culture like this; my eyes get bigger in awe every time I walk by a beautiful building or take the U-ban or experience the culture. I love it. I know Berlin is an old city and many of the “new” places I am discovering for the first time are not new, but being new to the city means everything is new to me. So, I just want to say I am not trying to sound like someone who thinks they have discovered Berghain (lol), I am just looking at these places with fresh eyes and a different perspective. I do romanticize my life here in Berlin because why not? If I am happy and enjoying the little things in life that get glossed over what’s so wrong with that? I hope you enjoy my recommendations of Berlin restaurants there will be more blog posts like this coming soon 🙂 

Berlin is a huge city and there are so many places to pick from when deciding where to eat so here are some places I recommend 🙂 

Mushrooms stuffed with cheese in Sacue.

Taverna “To Koutouki”

I am in love with Greek food and this is my go-to place. The servers treat you so well and the food is delicious. I normally get the stuffed portobello mushroom with cheese and their sampler plater. At the end of the meal, they gave us free Greek yogurt for dessert and shots of Ouzo. Address: Kottbusser Dammm 9, 10967 Berlin.

Red beet salad

Cafe Murgrabi

It’s an Israeli cafe and it’s amazing!! Great for vegetarians.​​ Their drinks were really nice too. The place has outdoor seating for summer but also inside is really nice too. Gorlitzer Str. 58, 10997 Berlin.

All the mezze plates we ordered

Fes Turkish BBQ

You can grill your own meat at the tables and you order as many mezze (small plates) as you want. It’s all SO good and it’s an experience. Definitely a great place to come with friends. Hasenheide 58, 10967 Berlin. Right by Hasenheide park which is really beautiful.

All the sides that come with the BBQ meat

Kimchi Princess

Korean BBQ restaurant where you can also cook your food at your tables, very interactive! Amazing Korean food with great vibes. Skalitzer Str. 36, 10999 Berlin.

Chicken in a walnut cream sauce

Kin Za

This Georgisches Restaurant has two parts to the restaurant so a lot of seating! The restaurant is decorated very nicely and the food was amazing. I would recommend making a reservation because they get really packed on the weekends.

Chorizo and cheese taco and a pork taco

Taqueria El Oso

Mexican restaurant in Shankhalle Pfefferberg it’s a small food hall with different options but this place is worth trying. The tacos are so good and they always have a special taco for the weekend. If you are missing some good tacos I would come here because in Berlin good tacos are hard to come by. Shonhauser Allee 176C 10119 Berlin.

Mushroom and Ham pizza


Amazing sourdough pizza. They always have different specials and a lot of their options are different from pizzas you could get elsewhere. I also really love the style of the place and during the summer they have a cute outside. Hobrechtrasse 57, 12047 Berlin.

Hot Batata bowl

The Hummusapiens

A hole in the wall  Lebanese Restaurant. All of their food is SO good if you want a wrap, a bowl, a plater, anything you get here you will love. There are a lot of places in Berlin to get wraps but this place is so unique with their different sauces and items. The ingredients are fresh I can’t recommend this enough. SO GOOD. Oppelner Str. 45 10997 Berlin.

Margherita Pizza

L’antica Pizzeria da Michele

It doesn’t get more authentic than this, Neapolitan pizza in Berlin. This place is famous in Naples to get pizza with a line out the door and they have brought it to Berlin!! Huge pizzas but literally perfect. Friz-Reuter-Strasse 7, 10827 Berlin.

Tonkotsu Ramen

Hako Ramen original am Boxi

Delicious ramen, with really great broth. If you’re looking for good ramen go here. Boxhagener Str. 26, 10245 Berlin.

Maybachufer Canal

Every Tuesday and Friday from 12pm-6pm they have a market on the canal where food vendors come with their food stalls and fresh produce vendors come too. Here you have a lot of options for food but I would recommend the Thai stall. Their Thai food is so good and you can grab it then go eat by the canal with awesome views. Maybachufer, 10999 Berlin. 

Leave a comment if you have tried any of these places! Some of the photos are not very high quality because they are from videos, check out my Tiktok to see those videos. If you are in need of some travel help check out my blog on Best Travel Apps to have.

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