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Tips for Poznań Poland 

Poznań Poland is a great weekend trip from Berlin Germany. From Berlin’s main train station it’s about a 3 hour train ride. One of the best things about living in Berlin is its close proximity to other countries!! Poland is right next to Germany so I can’t wait to explore more places there. 

For our short time in Poznań, we stayed at the Hampton by Hilton Hotel which was located in a central area, it would take us 5-7 minutes to get to the main square walking. 

Poznań is known as a University city, the crowd is pretty young and there are lots of bars. Poznań is small so you can see most of it in one day, but staying for the weekend was really nice and relaxing. 

Somethings to note: Poland does have their own currency, but one thing I noticed was that everywhere accepted card. We went to Poznań in September and the weather was still really nice. I was able to wear a dress at night with a jacket and feel good, we also had sun the whole time but with a little rain.

How to get to Poznań:

Berlin to Poznań by train: 2hr 40 min 

Worcław to Poznań by train: 1hr 30min 

Warsaw to Poznań by train: 3hr 30min

Gdańsk to Poznań by train: 4hr 

Top tips of things to do in Poznań:

Old Town

Poznań Old Town

This center will transport you back in time, the buildings are so ornate and beautiful. The Old Town is lively and filled with people (great people watching area). You can have dinner or drinks here. Something really great about Poland is it’s pretty cheap and so you won’t break the bank eating out. 

In Old Town, you will see the Town Hall it’s such a beautiful building.

Lesser Basilica of St. Stanislaus

When you see this beautiful pink church right by Old Town you will think you’re not in a real place, I mean have you ever seen a pink church? Poznań is one of the most colorful cities I have been too. 

Park Cytadela

Walk over to the park for a different view of the Lesser Basilica of St. Stanislaus. The Park is very nice and you can come here to chill, have a picnic, and look at the flowers. 

Croissant Museum

We didn’t go there but it sounds like a fun experience! Once you’re done there you must eat one of those tasty treats.


Poznań also has two lakes you can go to if you go during the summer. The lakes are called Malta Lake and Rusałka.

Rynek Jeżycki

If you want to walk outside Old Town area we passed by this market on a Saturday. It had local honey, fresh produce, and some clothes for sale. 

Places to eat in Poznań:

Pierożak Pierogarina

One thing you have to eat when you are in Poland is Perogies. They are dumplings normally served with caramelized onions on top and sour cream on the side. This Pierogie place made them fresh right in front of you and had so many different fillings. We pretty much had one of each filling and yum! I was so happy to try Perogies in Poland. 

Whiskey in the Jar

We went here in Old Town square to have a nice view with our drinks. I think this place is a chain restaurant in Poland. The drinks were definitely eye-catching and unique. We didn’t eat here but you could, it looked like “American food” with burgers and ribs. 


Down a side street from Old Town Balans is an Asian Fusion Restaurant. I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for this type of food, it was really good and the presentation was beautiful. The restaurant looked small but it went back far with lots of seating. We liked our dishes and our drinks. 

Meat Us

We went here for lunch time. I am always craving a good sandwich and the place seemed promising, and it was! We ordered the Steak Sandwich and Porkinson and YUM definitely recommend both of those. The place is also huge with a really nice outdoor area. 

Dram Bar

For after-dinner drinks come here. The bar’s theme is the 90s Tv show “Friends” and it’s so cute. The specialty cocktails are all named after quotes from the show and they have clips running the whole time. Not only is the whole place decorated so nicely but the drinks were amazing. I love specialty cocktails, they were different and so good. 

In a Cup Cafe

We came here for a coffee and some cake. Beautiful little cafe, with delicious cakes and coffee. 

Havan Club

If you are looking for a good time and to dance come here. There is a fee to get in but it’s like 5 euros. It’s a club so the drinks are not great but you come here to dance. They played popular music that you can easily dance to, no techo though if that’s what you’re looking for.

Hopefully these tips can help you plan your trip to Poznań! Check out my Tiktok to see of vidoes of Poznań. Check out my other blog on Apps for your phone that will make your life so much easier!

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