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Best Places to Eat in Brussels

My favorite thing to look up for a trip is FOOD because I do not want to have a bad meal on vacation. I mean who does? Brussels has so much amazing food you won’t be disappointed. I have compiled the best places I ate while in Brussels in this blog.

Obviously, you need to try waffles, fries, chocolate, and beer while in Brussels. There are places everywhere you go around the city center to have your chance at eating some of those amazing foods Brussels is known for. I pretty much either ate fries and waffles every day, because why not?!

Best places to eat in Brussels:


Fritland is the most famous place to get fries in Brussels but there is always a big line. When ordering fries at any friterie there is always a big selection of sauces, if you like spicy and sweet I would suggest the “Samourai” it’s my go to one. SO GOOD. 

I also went to Friterie Tabora– it was delicious and the line is much more manageable than Fritland.

Eight & Three

Is where I ate my first waffle of the trip and WOW. We got one with Nutella and bananas and one with Belgium chocolate. I didn’t think I could ever turn my back on Nutella but the Belgium chocolate waffle was amazing!! The Nutella one was great don’t get me wrong, but yeah Belgium chocolate lives up to the hype. 

Maison Dandoy Tearoom & Waffles

A classier place to get your waffles but so good. They also have tea, coffee, and ice cream. I ordered a speculoos coffee and it was so yummy but eating it with a waffle was a little sugar overload… 

Wolf Sharing Food Market

If you take one thing from this blog let it be this!!! (I hope you don’t only take one thing lol) This food hall is a MUST. There are so many choices and they are all so good. I had Syrian food and I think it was one of the best things I’ve put in my mouth hehe. It was beef pita with a red pepper sauce (not spicy), the beef was so flavorful I am on the hunt for this in Berlin. The group I was with all got different things, pizza, banh mi, and boa buns.

Beiruti Brussels

Amazing Lebanese food and the atmosphere was so nice. You get mezze plates to share which is always a great experience. I would 100% go here again and recommend it. 


I, unfortunately, don’t have a picture to post with this recommendation but here are some cool buildings on the same street! If you’re looking for a morning pastry I would come here. Their baked goods were amazing. We bought some pastries and bread for breakfast at the Airbnb.


If you’re with a group and love shareable food like me, come here. It’s Ethiopian food and it was delicious. They also have a food stall at Wolf Sharing Food Market. If you go try their homemade ice tea we all really enjoyed that with the amazing food. 

Now that I’ve talked about the places to eat in Brussels here are some great places to grab a drink after 🙂

Where to get Drinks:

Delirium Taphouse

Here they have a great selection of beer to try. They have 8 bars you can go to which are all probably different and it’s perfect if you’re looking to create your own bar crawl. It’s a great place to try some Belgium beer and it’s in a great location. 

Café Charbon

We stopped here to grab some cocktails and they did not disappoint! The place was also super cute. We didn’t eat but the food looked really good! 

Arthur Orlans

The outside is funky but the inside is so classy. A cocktail bar where you will have an experience with every sip.  The dimly lit place is an old tailor shop renovated into a bar and the owner kept some of the original furniture. The cocktails are a bit pricier around €13-15 but worth it because the recipes are made by the bartenders, meaning they are not your regular old whiskey sour and mojito.

La Machine

Another great bar for a beer or a cocktail. I was over beer by the time we were here so I ordered a Gin Basil Smash and it was so yummy!! As you can see from the pictures they can make a nice cocktail here. They had a Dj booth so I think in normal times without restrictions they would have music here and it would be fun to party. 

And this is all the drink we had because we start dry January on the first 🙂 

Going to Brussels and want to know the best things to do? Check out my other blog here. If you need a place to stay check out Airbnb, we stayed a place through there and it was in a great place.

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