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12 Best Travel Apps That Will Make Traveling So Much Easier

by Pres&go

12 must have travel apps that will make traveling so much easier

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Planning a trip can be very stressful and sometimes hard to know where to start, but thankfully we have smartphones that help us plan and navigate our travels. As someone who loves traveling, I have accumulated the best travel apps on my iPhone that I need. I’ve had my share of almost trip-ruining experiences with my phone but more often than not (if you’re not a klutz like me) a smartphone is the best tool to have when traveling. These apps that I’m recommending are free to download & I’m not making any money if you click and download them. Please do let me know if you download any and they have helped you! Stick around till the end and see a bonus app. 

Here are 12 of the best travel apps that make my life so much easier when planning my travels and when traveling:

Tripadvisor app logo to help you plan your travels

Tripadvisor– One-stop shop for a lot of your travel needs.

I have been using Tripadvisor for a long time and it has never let me down. I say it’s a one stop shop for your travel needs because here you can: Learn about the city you’re going to, book hotels, look at top things to do, find restaurants with reviews, and you can also book excursions. I mostly use Tripadvisor for the list of top things to do and restaurants for a new city. I also sometimes compare hotel prices through there but I have never booked in the app.

Google maps logo to help navigate during your travels

Google Maps– This is my go to Maps app.

Google maps will show you the route you need to go by car, walking, public transportation, and bike. I also use it to look up restaurants and their reviews.

Uber app logo which will help you travel from place to place

Uber– Ridesharing.

Uber is the most commonly known ridesharing app on the market. Uber is popular so it’s the best option to download that would probably work in most places. It’s important to have a ridesharing app downloaded or know how to call a cab in the city you are in. In Berlin, I also use FreeNow and Bolt ridesharing apps but they are only active in Europe. 

Google photos app logo great for your travels and everyday use

Google Photos– Cloud Media storage.

You might be thinking why would I need that app my phone already stores my photos? Well if you damage your phone on a trip without backing up your photos to iCloud then all your travel photos will be gone. Trust me this app is a NEED. I broke my phone once on vacation and all my photos were gone off the phone but thankfully I had google photos and they were all there. I will always recommend this app, I would have been so sad if all my photos were gone. 

airbnb app logo great for travels

Airbnb– Book a place to stay.

I use Airbnb all the time, I compare the prices of an Airbnb listing and hotels. Sometimes they are cheaper but lately, the prices have been the same. Airbnb is great because you can really get the feel of what it’s like to live in that city, you can also get places with a kitchen and save money on eating out. You can either rent the entire place or just a room. Be careful if you want an entire place and click that button. Also, Airbnb has great experiences you can book, like cooking classes or sunset boat rides.

Google translate logo great for when you need translating while on you travels

Google Translate– To help you communicate.

Living in Berlin I seriously use this app every day (I am learning German but it’s very hard). With this app you can translate in so many ways. Since it is able to translate by holding your camera over the words you need translating, I’m always at the supermarket using it to make sure I’m getting the right thing. So cool. I would have this just in case you have a hard time communicating with anyone on your travels.

world currency converter app will help convert money during your travels

World Currency Converter– Currency exchange Coversion.

If you are traveling outside your country this app is extremely useful so you know exactly how much money you’re spending.

Flixbus logo app for when making travel plans

FlixBus– Transportation.

I love FlixBus. I have used it so many times. It’s a cheap and easy way to get around to each destination. FlixBus runs all over Europe and has some routes in the United States. I have taken several 10 hour overnight Buses and I felt very secure.

Hostel world logo for booking hostels during your travels

Hostel World– Easy way to book hostels .

Here you can compare hostel prices, check the reviews, and check to see if the hostel has girl-only rooms if that’s what you are looking for. Be sure to read the reviews before booking.

Airalo logo for when traveling

Airalo– eSIM.

You will have service wherever you’re traveling right when you step off the plane. This is so helpful for when you’re just arriving and you need an Uber or directions. 

Radical Luggage storage app logo

Radical Luggage Storage Find places you can store your luggage.

It will show you hotels, restaurants, stores, or train stations that will store your luggage for a small fee. It’s great when you have to be out of your Airbnb early but your train isn’t till late at night, and you want to continue exploring.

whatsapp messaging app logo

Whatsapp-Call and Messaging.

Whatsapp can help you get in touch with anyone from all over the world without your phone bill going crazy. It’s a great way to call, facetime, and text people from all over with Wifi.

Touchnote app logo

TouchNote– Create your own postcard.

On this app you can send anyone around the world a postcard with a picture you took! So I always send my mom a postcard with a picture of me with a beautiful background, and on the back of the postcard, I put a nice note. My mom really loves these because although she is super happy for me, she does not necessarily need a postcard with the biggest attraction of a place she’s never been. Try it out and let me know what you think!

Did you find this post helpful? Please pin it on Pinterest and check out my page. Also please share some of your best travel apps that you think I should check out I am always looking for new ones! Are you planning a trip to Brussel, Belgium? Check out my blog “Best things to do: Brussels

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