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Are you staying at a hostel for the first time and need some tips? Don’t worry I got you!! I know how intimidating it can be going to stay at a hostel for the first time. The first time I stayed at a hostel a was studying abroad so I came with a big group of girls which made the experience less intimidating. The first time I went solo traveling even after all the times I have stayed in a hostel before had me having some anxiety. Hostels aren’t really intimidating they can be chaotic at times, depending on check in and out times. There are some rules you should know and that’s why I’m making this hostel tips blog!

Hostels are such an amazing way to travel. They are cheaper than staying at a hotel and you can make friends super easy when staying at one. If you are looking for a hostel to make friends, always look for hostels that have activities you can join. Activies like family dinners, bar crawls, or walking tours because these are really great ways to make friends. A tip before the tips, I use Hostelworld app to book all my hostel stays.

Hostel Tips:

Read a lot of reviews: Always read a lot of reviews like A LOT. Do your research. See if theres a common review that everyone says and if that would impact you or your trip.

Girls only dorms: If you are a woman solo traveling or with your girlfriends I would recommend looking into to places that have women only rooms. It helps me feel safer and plus anytime I was in a mix dorm room one guy was always snoring so lound I would get awful sleep. I think its nice to have a girls only room so you can feel comfortable changing in the room. You can always meet the men in the common areas.

Do not always go for the cheapest: I know its super tempting to go for the cheapest hostel to save the most money but like the first tip; read the reviews!! If multiple people say they had dirty sheets or even worse bed bugs then they don’t clean well. Staying somewhere super cheap with bad reviews could end up costing you more in the long run… like if you brought bed bugs with you anywhere that will cost a lot to get rid of them.

Pack the night before if you have an early flight: Please always try to pack most things the night before if you have a super early flight so don’t wake up your roommates. Its less stress for you and less noise for everyone else.

Never turn on the light late at night: When it is normal sleeping hours and there are people sleeping please do not turn on the overhead light, just use your phone lights. No more likes to be abruptly woken up like that.. trust me it’s happened many times.

Bring an eye mask and earplugs: Trust me you will thank me later!! Only after a few years of traveling have I started bringing these things and it 100% helps. But not everyone likes to sleep with these things so that’s why it’s always best to be respectful and not turn on the light or make a bunch of noise during sleeping hours.

Coming back late: If you come back late and need to talk to your friends just stay outside the room in the common areas, yes people can still hear you when you’re whispering. Staying in hostels you KNOW you aren’t going to get the best sleep but still, I think people should try and be respectful.

Sex: If you’re sharing a hostel room DO NOT HAVE SEX go buy a single room no one wants to hear that. If you must have sex I’ve heard of people doing it in the bathrooms or something like that, get creative.

Hostel Bathrooms: Do not go barefoot in the hostel bathrooms or showers. They are not super clean so buy some cheap sandals to throw away at the end of your trips.

Bedding: I always check my bedding before I get in. Also, check the bed out and everything, you do not want to get bed bugs!! Sometimes there will be stains on the bedding and you can ask for new sheets.

Alarms: If you’re setting an alarm be sure it rings only once!!

Food in common areas: Make sure to label any food you bring in if you leave it in the common area’s fridge, or people will assume it’s fair game.

Hostel workers: Ask the people working at the hostel for recommendations they will know great spots!! Get to know them, they are most likely pretty cool people who have great travel tips.

Events: If you are solo traveling or just want to meet people, make sure your hostel organizes events. The events are a perfect way to meet people. It could be a bar crawl or a group trip to a monument or group dinners-so much fun!!

24 hour reception: I think this is my most important tip!! I have been stuck trying to get into a hostel before, and I have been stuck trying to get out. I have been stuck all because the hostel didn’t have 24 hour reception. Let me tell you the panic I felt in those moments will make you never book a place without. Obviously, this isn’t sp important if you arrive before they close or leave later in the day. Something to think about before you book.

Thanks for reading, I hope these tips will help you have an amazing hostel experience! Please check out my other blog to help you travel. 🙂

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